Thursday, June 14, 2012

not forgotten part 1: Adriana

April was such a crazy month I never had the chance to write the things I want to remember most about Akayla & Adri.

As they read through this blog they notice I have written about everyone else so I really don't want to leave them out!

Today is Adri and tomorrow will be Akayla

Pictures on "her" cell phone............

Adri & Landon

Adri and best friend Britlyn

Adriana at 12:

*is still giggly and has such a fun sense of humor

*is so excited for girl's camp this summer, and she's loving Young Women

*has a really cute group of friends

*is very self motivated -- straight A's in school, practices 2 instruments daily, gets involved in leadership programs at school, is involved in after school programs, tries out for things, works to earn money and saves what she earns, etc.

*is very creative and likes to plan things.  I always ask her to set the table for company or for holidays because she makes it look so beautiful!

*has loved being in choir this year and wants more than anything to be in Franklin Singers next year, and Century Singers when she's in high school

*loves writing lists and accomplishing things on her list

*loves to read, play the piano and viola, act crazy, tease her siblings, ride Tanner's rip stick, hang out with friends (especially Britlyn), sing, babysit, and have her room perfectly spotless!

*has become such a great cook!  I can give her any recipe and she can make it on her own with very little help

*she is no longer one of the "little girls".  This year she was initiated into the "big girl group" (Akayla & Corina)!  She is always included when we go shopping or I need help from the "big girls".  She dresses and acts more grown up, and the "big girls" love having her around.  They all help each other with makeup, jewelry, & clothing choices.  It's really cute actually - and I'm sure all the girls will get to be part of the "big girl" group as they get older too.

Adriana has always done things her own way.
She never crawled like other kids - she figured out a way that worked for her and nothing would stop her.
love her confidence, and her drive.  
She is an impressive girl, and she is so fun to be with!!
I'm really loving the young lady she is becoming and I know we will be very best friends!

good things:
working out first thing in the morning
having breakfast already made when I get home
time to work in our yard

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