Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Elli turned 5 on Saturday and decided that since she's big now we should call her Elora.

She's a funny kid!

She got to go to Outer Limits and Pizza Pie Cafe with mom and dad.
She pretty much talked our ears off the whole time but we LOVED it!!


*is very excited for kindergarten in the fall

*loves to sing, dance, and pose for pictures (it's really kind of ridiculous the poses she thinks will be so beautiful, and she seems to have forgotten how to smile like many of her siblings at this age - it really cracks us up but we have to try and hold it in!)

*reading & writing up a storm

*has an incredible imagination

*loves playing with all the little girls in our neighborhood

*speaks like she's about 20 years old - always trying out new BIG words!

*she's like a brown little indian in the summer

*she doesn't like us to tell her she has big, beautiful eyes or that her hair is the color of honey (even though it's true)

*enjoys learning to play the piano, but doesn't enjoy cleaning her room

*dressing up and doing makeovers is a MUST every single day

*our sassy girl really has a mind of her own and I LOVE her for it!  She's like my own little Anne of Green Gables!!

Elli wanted homemade pizza for dinner with green salad and ranch dressing.
She also wanted a ladybug cake.

good things:
thoughtful sisters
first day of sleeping in
kids that can cook


Carissa J said...

So cute! Love that girl. The cake looks awesome.

Heidi said...

It's hard to believe she's already that old! She looks so cute and grown up in her adorable dress.