Sunday, June 10, 2012


Tanner turned 14 this week.

Not even kidding - I think his voice has dropped an octave in the past month or so.

And he's taller than Akayla.
And he likes a girl (that likes him back, but don't tell him..... they're just really good friends and that's all they need to be!)
And he is starting high school in 3 months.

Where did my sweet little bud go?

*Actually he is still very sweet - he's the best big brother ever.

*He loves to tease me (but I know he's just saying he loves me).

*He is saving all of his money for a mission and college (and not because we told him to).

*He prefers to sleep on the floor

*He lives to build things outside.  You should see his fort that he built on the empty lot by our house.  Pretty cool!  He even built a little fireplace (that we discovered when he decided to cook something in it......oh my!).

*He has some really great friends - boys and girls.

*He is going to be in Marching Band next year playing the trombone and he's really good.  I enjoy hearing him play!  He loved Marching Band Camp so he's really excited!

*He likes to play MineCraft on the computer

*He loves to walk to the gas station down the road with his friends to get Icee's and candy

*He's always coming up with funny ideas and things to keep us all laughing

*He says he's not going to go to the dances (now that he's 14 he can go to stake dances), but we know he's going to love them!

We gave Tanner a surprise party the weekend before his birthday.
We had a bunch of kids, and we had a bonfire, ate lots of food, played some great night games, had a big water fight, and ended up really messy with shaving cream.
It was way fun!

missing a few 

Preston, Preslie & Sam

Cody, Jane, & little sisters


Ethan (Tanner's new high school buddy from band camp - also friends with Akayla), Tanner, Akayla & Mariah

Madison (?? twin), Britlyn & Adriana

Cody, DJ & Spencer (keeping his cast dry in his shirt)

Maklain, DJ & Ethan

the girls finally got Maklain back!!!

Preslie & Sam

I think Tanner's hair got it the worst, and he looked wild the rest of the night!!

poor Tanner still has a week before he gets his darn cast off!

so hard to get good pictures of these guys!!

such good kids!  I love Tanner's friends!  This is just a few of them, but they are really great kids!

On his actual birthday Dave and I went to my cousin's wedding in Salt Lake, so we were gone most of the day.

We got home in time to make Tanner's favorite dinner - pesto pasta, and his birthday treat - crepes (with chocolate, strawberries, and cream cheese topping).

so glad we got such a good picture of him on his birthday - bug!!

My little boy is not so little any more.
It's ok - I really like the kid he is now and the man he is becoming!!

good things:
slow weekends
planning our vacation in 3 1/2 weeks!!
my baby is finally sleeping through the night!

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Erika said...

Oh My! Tanner is getting to be such a cutie! How old is he in the top picture? 2?