Monday, July 23, 2012

Aunt Frances

Aunt Frances is David's great aunt - my kid's great great aunt.

She is only 98 years old.

She is still sassy and full of spunk.

We haven't seen her for at least 10 years, so it was really exciting to have a little time with her while we were in Illinois.

She has a cute Chicago-an accent, and she says "Oh my go_!" about everything.

only missing Dave's brother Matt, Beth's husband Tom, and Emily's husband Keith
David had so much fun speaking Italian with her, and he had some really great conversations with her about their family connections to the mafia.  (Really interesting stuff!!!)

She's a lovely....tiny little lady, and though her body is getting more frail her mind is sharp.

I love that she still wears makeup and puts her pearls on.

What a classy girl!

So glad my kids got the chance to spend some time with her!

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kids who pose for pictures
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Heidi said...

What beautiful family pictures!