Thursday, July 26, 2012


Dave wanted to take us to his old stomping grounds........ it was probably the best day on our vacation (the older kids liked Six Flags best, but this was the best day with our WHOLE family!).

We brought Nana, Hailey & Ethan along for the day.

We went to the Museum of Science & Industry - awesome!

We ate dinner by Lake Michigan - beautiful!

We went to the Water Place Mall (American Girl Place, huge Lego store, and really fun elevators!) - super fun!

We finished off our day going up to the observation deck of Willis Tower - amazing!!

and at least a zillion pictures...........


Lea the astronaut

this was an actual u-boat from WW2.  Amazing to see a real submarine!

Landon being forced to play!!


Tanner was in heaven with this enormous train set!

We are all very glad Corina doesn't really drive like this on the road!!

We had a few meltdowns from Leandra.  

She is at a frustrating age...... and it's not always so fun to be stuck pushed around in a stroller (I don't understand that at all - I think it would be heavenly!), so when she fell asleep finally there was no way we were going to wake her up to be in this picture even though she would have LOVED dressing up!

(American Girl Place - we were in heaven!!  We read all the books together and then my girls choose a favorite and when they are old enough they get their favorite doll)

Adri has Kit
Akayla has Felicity, but sadly she is not being sold any more

 the girls - Corina loved reading the books, but never wanted a doll.  She is much too practical for that!

Anna has Rebecca

Elli thinks she wants Josefina or Kit's best friend, Ruthie

Mariah has Marie-Grace

(Lego Mania)
lego Woody is terribly attractive
the Chicago skyline made out of legos

Willis Tower is the tallest building in the United States and 2nd tallest in the world...... it is 1,451 feet high and has 108 stories.

I still can't believe we went to the top (actually the 103rd floor....but CLOSE ENOUGH!!!)

I also can't believe that my entire family was willing to step out on the glass ledge....... I wouldn't go anywhere near that thing!  It was hard enough looking out the window (at a safe distance away I should add)!!

103 floors high!!





Corina was so cute - she wouldn't look down and she just inched along until she was in the middle!

cousins Hailey & Ethan

notice Anna gripping Mariah's arm - she was terrified!

Elli was only pretending to be scared - she walked right out without a problem! 

Adri is a little daredevil


I still laugh thinking of our huge group driving through Chicago in our HUGE motor home (since it's the only vehicle that could transport 14 people!).


good things:
visiting a big city but living in a small (ish) city!
babies falling asleep right when we need them to
a beautiful cool breeze from the lake

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