Saturday, July 28, 2012

visiting Tom & Beth

Dave's younger sister, Beth, lives a few hours away with her hubby and 3 kids.

We loved being in their home and seeing how the Muraski's do things!

Being at Dave's parents & 2 sisters houses has reminded us how much we would love to have land, and maybe even horses and chickens!

It was so dry in Illinois - everything was brown.
When we got home we were surprised how green everything in Idaho was.
It's usually the opposite!

Akayla got really sick for a day.
She was just laying around all day, and then she threw up all over the carpet and wood floor.  
Poor girl!
No-one else got sick, so we're pretty sure she just got overheated.
Her tiny little body has no fat on it at all and it tends to be more sensitive to things like that.

We were just sprawled out everywhere!   The a/c in our motor home wasn't working and it was ridiculously hot so we had to sleep inside!


my girls were in heaven with the horses and all the horse riding they got to do on this trip!

Mariah & Anna

Hannah & Elli - best buddies

Elli & Lea

Tanner & Ben played about 50 games of chess together

Corina & Kelly
playing with Landon on the air mattress

good things:
Wal-Mart in Illinois has all the same things!
going out for ice cream - just the adults
playing the wii hunting game

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