Saturday, July 28, 2012

Six Flags & Wild West Town

Dave brought our 4 oldest kids to Six Flags, Great America - along with Jim, Amber & Matt.

They had never seen such HUGE and SCARY roller coasters, but they went on ALL of them and had a BLAST!!!

It was 104 degrees (but because of the humidity the weather reports said it felt like 111), but luckily it was a Monday so it wasn't very crowded, and the lines were not long at all!!


Since the big kids went somewhere fun, Beth and I decided to bring our kids (along with Emily's because she had to work) to the Wild West Town.

It was ridiculously hot, but the kids were troopers and had a great time!

Lea had a couple of meltdowns - she was kind of out of control for a little bit, but when I calmed her down she said she was hot and wanted some water.  Wish she had told me that at the beginning!

Elli on the hand train


such a fun little roller coaster!  

It ended up being a super fun day for everyone!  

When both group got back we watched John Carter in our own outdoor movie theater!

It was the perfect way to end our visit at Nana & Grandpa's - we left for Tom & Beth's the next day.

good things:
family outings
beautiful clear nights

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