Monday, August 20, 2012

Bear Lake family reunion

We got back last night from our last Summer fling of the year...... the Johnson Family Reunion - this time in Bear Lake.

We swam, ate, played games, played on wave-runners, chased kids around, had adult-only famous raspberry shakes, laughed about old times, got family pictures taken (to be posted later), relaxed, played minute-to-win-it games, swam some more, ate way too much, played night games, and enjoyed our rented cabin.

We had all 7 siblings with spouses under one roof with 17 grandkids and 1 pregnant SIL - and no major drama!!

It's always a GOOD TIME!!

Corina was such a good sport letting these girls bury her!

3 of my brothers - Evan, Foster & Dallin

my mommy & daddy - not looking their best, but such awesome people!!

Akayla & Landon

Dallin & his wifey Jamie
Lea liked the sand best

Annalisa & Adriana

Tanner & Adri




Ayrial expecting baby #4

Genelle & Annalisa

Foster & Akayla

Dad & Dave

Mom, Adri & Tanner



Mariah & Amora

Lea & Ambree

Brandon, Genelle, Akayla & Corina in the final competition

good things:
inside family jokes
people who love you even when you're a shmuck
acting silly


Bingham Family said...

I LOVE Bear Lake! Looks like you had a ball. When are you going to "vacation" this-a-way? Hee hee

Megan Jo Eddie said...

I love love love that picture if lea trying o blow up the balloon! So cute and silly.