Wednesday, August 29, 2012

busy weekend

I'm no longer the PTO president this year (hallelujah!!), but I did agree to still be in charge of the school carnival.

I had most of the stuff from the past 4 years, just a little bit of tweaking here and there and a few new things, and then it's showtime!

The PTO provided a yummy dinner (so nice not to have to cook on a busy night like this), and then the carnival opened.

The kids all had to come get their (free) ticket from my ticket booth (it's cardboard - isn't it adorable?) to take around to all the games.  
They got (free) cotton candy & snow cones, and we even had a big bounce house.

It was a great night, and I'm happy to say it's done until next year!

Landon was a big help at the fish pond!

I roped my whole family into helping - Tanner & Dave did cotton candy, Akayla & Corina did the fishing pond, Adriana was babysitting but she helped set everything up, and Anna & Mariah watched the youngest 3

Saturday night we hosted a block party with some of our neighbors.

It was really fun, and we got to know many of them a lot better.

I made bbq beef sandwiches for everyone, brought drinks & cookies, and we brought the paper products.

Everyone else brought a couple of side dishes.

We have some really great neighbors!


We were only missing 2 of our kids:

Anna was at a birthday party waiting for us to come get her..... and unfortunately with the busy-ness of the day she was kind of forgotten, and didn't get picked up until 3 hours later!!!

Akayla had the chance to go to Lagoon with her great group of friends, so we let her miss our block party!!

good things:
fresh picked corn on the cob
eating outside
father's blessings


Evelyn said...

Wow Angela, I really don't know how you do it! Very impressive, girl!

Heidi said...

Landon looks so adorable & so big! I love his cute dirty face pictures:)