Wednesday, August 1, 2012

goings on

Just a few things going on around here:

Tanner went on his scout high adventure.

He hiked 28 or so miles on his bad knee, but because of a blessing from his dad before he left he had no problems at all with it.

He was very thankful for his bed, the toilet, and home-cooked meals!

A couple days later he hopped on a plane (all by himself) to Arizona.
His best friend, Josh, moved there last year.

Any time Josh comes to town he stays with us, and this time Josh bought a plane ticket for Tanner so he could come visit for a whole week!

We've gotten a few texts from Tanner - he's having a blast of course.
This is a picture from Josh's mom.
I love these 2 boys - I wouldn't be surprised if they room together in college and are lifelong buddies!

Tanner & Josh - best friends since 4th grade

The other day I experimented with a new recipe - everyone loved it but Lea.
I was finishing up the dinner dishes and Lea was still at the table eating her food.
She said "look mommy, yummy!"
I was a little distracted and just said "yeah, yummy......better eat it!"
She took a bite and her face was priceless.....

not so yummy with about 1/2 cup of pepper all over it!

Anna, Mariah & Elli are starting school in 2 1/2 weeks.
We have been picking up school supplies and doing school shopping.
That is the only fun part about going back to school for me.
Why is summer so short?!!!

Anna & her balloon friend

This past week I thought Landon needed a little trim on his hair.
I took the scissors and cut a little bit off the back - then cut a few more spots.
He kept moving and it kept getting worse and worse so I pulled out the clippers.
Oh dear.
By the time I was done he looked like a little monk.

Thankfully Dave is a little more skilled with the clippers!
Now Landon has a cute little hair cut, and he doesn't look so much like a baby any more.
Sad days.
before the bad haircut!!

Some friends of ours moved this past week and asked if we'd like to take on their paper route.
I thought it would be a great way for the kids to earn some money.
There are only 2 problem with this:  1) it's actually 2 routes, so lots and lots of papers.
and 2)we have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to fold and deliver the papers.

Tanner has been gone, so Corina, Adriana and I have been doing it every day.

Besides the waking up ridiculously early it's actually been a lot of fun.

I've always wanted to be a morning person, and this forces me out of bed and outside.

I'm enjoying the running around delivering also - great exercise!

Adriana is obsessed lately with organizing and cleaning her bedroom.
I can totally imagine the type of homemaker she will be (poor thing is just like her mom!).
She's driving Annalisa crazy though - and if they don't work it out soon I may have to tie them to their beds!

Corina turned 16 yesterday (birthday post yet to come) and she has her first date tonight.

She also has a date tomorrow night.  (And she didn't think anyone would ask her out!)

She thinks she would rather die.
Akayla is doubling with her on both of the dates, so she'll probably be just fine.

I can't wait to hear how it all goes!!

Corina's best friends Brandon, Nathan & Nathan

Speaking of Akayla...... how many girls do you know that get asked on 3 different dates on many weeks/weekends?

She and Corina are opposites when it comes to boys - one is scared to death of them (unless they're her best friends) and the other.....isn't - can you guess which is which???!!!

The good thing about her dating so often is that Dave has gotten used to the idea of daughters dating.

The other 6 girls will really have it easy.
And we will have lots of funny stories to tell Akayla's husband someday!!

Akayla & Justin - don't know who this other kid is

Saturday Dave was busy fixing things, running errands, and taking care of business.
He went to Wal-Mart and was in the store for about 45 minutes.

When he came out of the store he realized he didn't have his keys, and knew he had probably left them in the car.  Grrrrrrr.....

When he got back to the car he realized that the doors were locked, and the keys were in the ignition.
The funniest thing was that the CAR WAS STILL RUNNING!!

He really had a lot on his mind I guess!

good things:
psych marathons
new lipstick


jenjen said...

I love your vacation posts. So fun! Where is tanner in Arizona? How fun for him!

Heidi said...

That's great you're kids are enjoying the paper route. I subbed for my brothers a few times growing up but we were lucky to have the route of "unpaid" papers (mostly ads) that we could fold the night before. 4:00 am would put me over the edge!