Saturday, August 4, 2012

another 16 year old/1st date

Corina was spoiled on her birthday this year.

**Her friends (including Akayla) took her out to dinner the day before her birthday.

**They came over at 6:00 on the morning of her birthday and brought breakfast.

**Dave and I took her out to lunch at Johnny B Goode's (her's a fun 50's restaurant), and bought her a CAR!!

**She chose to have cereal for dinner and smoothies for dessert.

**She got clothes & money (to buy more clothes) as gifts

**Then we all watched Psyche together (her choice again!).

Jordan, Nathan, Shardell & Akayla

Corina's best friend Jordan -- I LOVE this girl!  She is such a good friend to Corina!

her new car - pink cadillac filled with hamburger and fries -- and a weird fake mom smile!

Now that she's 16 she is allowed to date.
She was asked out by 2 different boys on dates this week.............
She's been dreading it - saying she just wants to stay 15 and never date.
Silly girl!
Luckily she got to double with Akayla both times!

Her first date was with Erik.
He is a Rugby player & a wrestler.
They brought a picnic up to Scout Mountain and ate in the back of Erik's truck.
They hiked around, then went to get ice cream.
They finished off the date here where they played games.

It was a very successful 1st date!

2nd date was with DJ - a boy in our ward.
They are both very shy and had a hard time talking to each other part of the time, but it was also really fun.
They went mini-golfing, out for ice cream, to Brooklyn's playground, and back to our house to watch Psych.

Akayla doubled with one of her favorite guys - Ethan Rogers.
He is only a foot 1/2 taller than she is, but they make an awfully cute couple!

What I want to remember about Corina at 16:

*she has a very loud, shrill laugh

*she loves to read and collect books more than anything

*she's very conscientious about the way she eats - smaller portions, lower fat, little sugar - but she eats very fast!

*she speaks like she's Jane Austen - we think she secretly wishes she was born in her time period

*she hates any and all sports, and she doesn't love exercising either (but she does it anyway!)

*some people might think she's stuck up, but she isn't - she's deathly shy

*her education is very important to her, and so is her grade point average

*she loves to watch psych, ghost whisperer, and scary movies

*she practices cello more than piano, but she diligently practices both

*she can be super funny, crazy, and hyper - but most people don't see that side of her

*she does not like texting or facebook very much - rarely does either one

*she loves Bath & Body Works & always has yummy lotion & spray with her -- she smells really good!

*she has a few very close friends - Akayla, Nathan & Jordan, and she feels most comfortable in a small group

*she plans to go to BYU (Provo) and go on a mission

I can't wait to see what the next year brings for Corina -- change is scary for her, but she is such a strong and impressive girl!

I feel so lucky to be her mother - especially since most people don't have the privilege of really knowing her and hearing some of her beautiful thoughts!

good things:
finally 16
my girls double dating
funny date stories
huge ice cream cones

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