Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have a hard time with 2-year olds.

They're just hard.

I know it won't last forever.

Every one of my kids has gone through it - some worse than others - and made it through.

But when I look at that little face - always changing - I really just love her.

Even though she's 2.

My Lea:  snuggles & smiles, tantrums & time-outs, silly & sweet, naughty & nice, growing & giggling, messes & mischief, hugs & helping, learning & loving, screaming & shenanigans, and so so precious!!

good things:
big brown eyes
getting a haircut
serving a friend

1 comment:

Heidi said...

I can totally relate!
She has such a cute "mad" face.
Alyssa (who is sitting on my lap wanting to see that 'cute girl' on the screen again) says "Mommy that looks like me :)