Sunday, August 12, 2012


It's too bad summer can't just last all year.

So many happy and innocent memories are made in the summer.

My kids do all the same things I did growing up, but now I'm not a kid any more and I have to do responsible things when I'd rather be playing.

In the summer entertainment doesn't have to cost anything - just being outside and adding a little water makes everything fun!

Adriana had her last lemonade stand this summer - something she has done for many years.
She did it with her best friend this year (Britlyn).
They made treats and sold them on pretty dishes, and they put their lemonade in glass bottles.
She's 12 now, so I guess that means she's too grown up to have a lemonade stand next year.

We're going to Bear Lake this week for a family reunion (hooray!), and then Monday the Academy starts school.

Sigh......why do good things have to come to an end?

But, Summer 2012 has not disappointed!!

This picture is from a couple years ago and I love it!
These are the neighborhood kids doing what they do all summer...........
back and forth at each other's houses, often playing in the empty lot next door, and doing lots of exploring.
Tanner is the coolest because he is always coming up with exciting ideas like forts and mini-swimming pools.
  The kids love hanging (following) with him!

swimming before the Saville's moved - we miss them so much!!

We went to about 5 lemonade stands this day.  I'm kind of weird about supporting kids with lemonade stands!

Jumping on the tramp with sprinklers at the Burt's house

good things:
one last hoorah
a nice quiet Sunday afternoon
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Amy Saville said...

We miss you guys too. In fact I'm feeling a bit teary eyed after seeing that picture from last year. Love You guys!