Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Corina and Jordan

It's that time of year - that time that costs WAY more than Christmas!!

I took my older 3 girls and Tanner to Idaho Falls to spend a day shopping.  (Actually Tanner got roped into it because he had just gotten home from Arizona and we had to pick him up at the airport.  He wasn't too happy about it actually!)

We got breakfast before we started so we would have plenty of strength for the many hours ahead!

Corina loves scarves, boots, and fall jackets.  She was on the search for purple this year.

Adriana was on the lookout for a swishy skirt, and she wanted more grown up clothes - Aeropostale was not on her list this year.

Akayla found several pairs of pants on clearance - she's size tiny so sometimes we find really great deals, and other times it's really hard to find flattering clothes.  She pretty much needed a little bit of everything.

Tanner was easy - we bought everything at Aeropostale and Hollister, and it took about a half hour.  He didn't have an opinion about most things so we just picked what we liked.  He was much more picky about his shoes though - must be good running shoes, must last until his feet grow again (like 2 months - boo!), and must be cool.

It's really nice that they all have a way to earn money and pay for their own clothes!!

My Academy kids - Annalisa, Mariah and Elli are really easy to shop for.
Since they wear uniforms, I buy everything for them online.
Not as fun, but so much easier!!
We did go shoe shopping, and the girls each got a couple pairs.

They also got to come with me to buy school supplies.

Can you believe that for 3 kids it cost me $156 for school supplies??!!!!

I personally think that's RIDICULOUS!
And that's not including the new backpacks I bought last month.

Registration is next week, and since we have all the money saved aside to pay for it I'm hoping Dave doesn't pass out when he finds out how much it is going to cost us............

For 3 high schoolers and 1 middle schooler it will be $800

and that is not including the yearbooks or the cap & gown for my senior this year (gulp!).

Phew!  It takes us half the year to save up for Christmas, and the other half of the year to save up for the beginning of school!!

On a happy note - I am heading out with my best friend today.  He's taking me to see WICKED in Salt Lake.  I'm a lot more than excited!!

good things:
the smell of new shoes
beds made
yummy lotion

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Lisa said...

Yeah to seeing WICKED. I LOVE it!! School shopping for shoes alone is so expensive -- but fun. Hope you are doing great!