Friday, September 28, 2012


Dave and I had an interesting conversation recently about chivalry.....

He has always opened my doors for me, and is in every way a gentleman.

It was mostly about how men show respect to women.

kinda got me thinking.....

A few years ago a good friend of mine (we played in a string quartet together) called me and said she hoped this wouldn't offend me, but she really felt she must say something to me.

I was very pregnant with our 6th baby, and we were at stake conference (she happened to be in our stake - not our ward, so she didn't see me very often in that setting).  During the meeting little Annalisa (age 2 at the time) was really acting up.  She was a major mama's girl, and I knew she would never let anyone else take her out of the meeting, so I jumped up and took her out.

This really offended my friend because what she saw was that my husband was just sitting there on his lazy bum not helping his extremely pregnant wife.

She proceeded to tell me that my husband was horrible to me and that I deserved better.

I was pregnant, so believe me I spoke my mind.

She didn't know me or my husband really - and if she did she would never have a worry.

My husband has always treated me like a queen, and I have never had even a thought that he was disrespecting me.

David shows me love and respect when he:

  • doesn't speak about or look at other women - he says he only has eyes for me,  and it's true

  • saves a seat for me - even at the dinner table.  Our kids know that mom and dad always sit together.

  • drops everything if I need him.  I've actually tested him on this - not intentionally, but there were times when he had a meeting or something he needed to do.  If I expressed a need for him to be home, he showed me I was more important than anything else by staying to help me.  

  • saves every Friday night for me.  He could enjoy the evening doing anything he wanted, but he shows me that he would choose me over everything else!

  • takes my kids out in church and lets me enjoy the service (he really does this all the time - my friend only saw one Sunday in our lives)

  • cleans the kitchen after dinner - especially because he HATES doing dirty dishes!

  • he comes straight downstairs (where I'm teaching every afternoon) to kiss me on the cheek whenever he gets home

  • he goes to the restaurant I want, takes me to the temple, watches a chick flick with me, and dances with me

A real gentleman doesn't just open the doors for his girl - he shows her that in every way she is his queen!

I'm just lucky my husband gets that!

And the friend?
We're still very good friends.

I just figure she doesn't know or understand my husband - and that's ok.
I really don't understand hers either, and I could tell stories!

good things:
locking everyone out of my room and eating ice cream BY MYSELF

getting something special in the mail

sloppy Landon kisses

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