Wednesday, October 3, 2012

homecoming x 2

My girls enjoyed homecoming so much they thought they ought to do it twice.

You know, when you spend that much on a dress it is essential to wear it again.

And they do look lovely - so I don't think anyone minds seeing it again!

Homecoming #1
Century High School

Brandon Riley & Corina

Nathan Anderson & Akayla

They went bowling with the whole group, and then the group split up because half were dressing up and the other half weren't.

They had dinner at one of the boy's houses (the family that was on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition), and they have a really cool dance floor and everything.

So, they danced for awhile...... and then they had dessert and watched a movie.


Akayla & cute friend Rachel

the other part of the group wore matching shirts and played night games

Homecoming #2
New Plymouth High School

Axl Maberry & Corina

Cade Stafford & Akayla

We decided to drive to New Plymouth so the girls could see some of their best friends from growing up.

We haven't lived in New Plymouth for 7 years, but we have kept in touch with several great families, and Akayla & Corina have kept in touch with these awesome young men.

I can't even express how nice it was to get away -
we stayed with our good friends (Cade's parents) the 1st night, and a hotel the 2nd night.

I got to read and watch tv ALL BY MYSELF for a few hours, and I really needed it!

We got to visit with our friends, and the girls had a blast!

Friday night they went to the football game and ran into a lot of old friends.

They went to Boise on Saturday (about 45 minutes away from New Plymouth) and played all day - at the zoo, the mall, etc.

Then they came back and got all prettied up.

Then they drove again to Boise to P.F. Changs and had a fancy dinner.

They were really tired after all that driving, so they had their own little dance and then said good night.

Sunday we didn't go to church (and regretted it - we could have seen so many of our friends), but we did visit with the Whites.

Akayla & Kailey were best friends until we moved, and it doesn't matter how long it's been - they will always be besties!

We want to bring our whole family back to New Plymouth soon - it will always be our home town!!

good things:
catching up
special people
happy girls
time alone


Gina Hallam said...

Sounds so exciting! THe girls looked absolutely beautiful! I'm sad we missed seeing you guys :( We're just off the freeway in Middleton....maybe we should pray for people to stop in and say hi? :) We love you guys!

Erika said...

Good old NP! Your girls are gorgeous.