Monday, October 8, 2012

still my baby

Landon had his first birthday.

I'm deeply offended that he refuses to stay my little baby.

He is such a happy, sweet boy, that I can't stay mad.

He holds my heart, this little boy of mine.

I think he was waiting until we really needed him.

He is the perfect ending for our family fairy tale.

Typically for our one year old birthdays I just make a mini chocolate cake for the birthday child.

This year (since it's our very last) Dave requested a deliciously moist and tall chocolate cake for all of us to enjoy.

It turned out perfect - 4 layers of moist chocolatey deliciousness!

He was very pleased.

And so was our birthday boy!

I'm so in love with this kid - I just want to bite those cheeks!

good things:
celebrating the sweetest boy ever born
chocolate comas
coming home

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