Thursday, September 6, 2012


It's crazy how a family can explode.

Dave and I got married in 1994 and started having kids right away.
My brother just under me got married when I was pregnant with my 6th child......
so it was a long time before my kids got any cousins!  
Brandon and Ayrial are expecting their 4th baby in a couple months.

The next sibling to get married was Evan who has no kids yet, and after him Dallin got married.
Dallin married a girl with 5 children, so we instantly had cousins!  They have one little boy together!

The rest of my siblings have yet to get married...... but look how HUGE our family already is!

Many of us have not been very willing to have our pictures taken for a long time - weight issues.
We are all working hard trying to lose weight and just be healthy!

Maybe the next family picture some of us will be less HUGE!!

Johnson Family 2012

the last picture we took all together in 2000

All the originals - really not crazy about that picture of me!
(l-r ) Foster, Genelle, Carissa, Dallin, Mom, Dad, Evan, Ang, & Brandon
(oldest to youngest is in abc order)

Ferrara family

Brandon, Ayrial & kids

Dallin, Jamie & kids (missing Clayton)

Evan and Erin

My amazing Mom and Dad

 Thanks to my good friend Jamie Johnson for meeting us in Logan for a long overdue photo shoot!

good things:
driving with the windows down
figuring out the new schedule
early morning naps with my babies


Me said...

I see no one in that picture who is "huge"??? Seriously!

Mary P.

Heidi said...

I love the family pics. Crazy to think that we'll be the grandmas and grandpas before you know it! BTW I love your hair color/cut.

Nathan and Shanna said...

Your mom still looks like I remember her! That is amazing! Love looking at your pictures!