Friday, September 7, 2012


I think maybe I'm completely stressed lately.

No matter what time I finally get myself to bed I have to get up at 5:00 to do the paper route.
Then I make breakfast and lunches, and we read scriptures before I send my bigs off with their dad to HIGH SCHOOL.

Then I get my littles ready for school (lots of hair doing there), we practice and do chores, and then I drive them to school.

Then I bathe my littlests and get them ready for the day (just a little hair doing), and by then it's 8:00 in the morning and I'm ready to crawl back in bed to sleep........ not that my littlests will usually let me.

I haven't been exercising this week at all (add up the stress points), I have new students (25 now - more stress points),lots of homework to help with, and this week all the STUFF started that we didn't do all summer - clogging, gymnastics team, voice lessons etc. (so many more stress points).

So to deal with the stress I think I'm getting a little LOOPY.

I mean things are hitting me as HILARIOUS, and my family is looking at me like I'm INSANE!

I always read to my kids at night, and we love to get big huge piles of library books every week to read over and over again.

We found a treasure this week - called MATTHEW ABC.

Every single page made me LAUGH so hard I was in tears by the end of the book.

Seriously - find it and read it!  You will laugh your head off (unless I'm just crazy).

AND.....this morning when I was out doing my section of the paper route I was on my last 2 papers that I deliver to an apartment complex.  I usually dread going there because their DANG sprinklers are ALWAYS on and I usually get a few little drops of water on my face and hair.  It bugs me.

Anyway, today there must have been some kind of leak in their sprinklers because they were squirting out these really high waterfalls.  It was dark so I really couldn't see, and those sprinklers were seriously out to get me.

I was really cool for a bit there dodging those sprinklers, but then they all hit me AT ONCE!

I must have looked like a lunatic while DRIPPING WET and LAUGHING my head off!

Every one of my family members was very concerned when they saw my SOAKING wet jacket and my DRIPPING hair.

My husband said I should leave a note on the door saying "If you want your papers delivered to your doorstep, kindly set your sprinklers for an hour earlier!"  That just cracks me up too!!

Oh my.......good times!

good things:
marking off my to-do list
taking 2 toddlers to the store - just kidding
free newspapers

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Heidi said...

5 am +25 students???? that is stressful!
I want you to take a break and come over for lunch next week:)
I'm loving the new wellness challenge... getting paid $50 to do relaxation/destressing for 1-3 min a day. So much easier than 30 min of exercise a day which I dread (but need more of).