Monday, September 10, 2012

the one thing

Someone once asked me what I thought was the most important thing that a parent could teach their children.

I've thought about it a lot over the past few years.

Especially as I think of my faults and weaknesses.

As I've watched my children grow up I see so much of myself in each one of them.
Sometimes that makes me sad...... just because some of those things aren't so great!

But some things are good, and to pick only one thing that's the very most important to teach them.....

I mean there are sooooo many things I want to teach my children....
passion for music, sensitivity to the spirit, love for others, value of work, cleanliness & organization, creativity, love of education, etc.

I started to think that confidence was the thing......
maybe because growing up I lacked confidence in many social situations.

I think now I've decided what that thing is - the thing that I think is the MOST important for my kids to learn - the most important thing for them to take with them when they leave my home.


*If they have FAITH they are never alone.
*They have confidence because they know God will help them.
*They can love others because God loves them.
*They can make choices that help them to be like God because they know He is aware of them.
*They can do hard things.

I've mentioned before that Corina has some pretty serious social anxiety.

It causes me pain often because I worry about her a lot.  (Lack of faith)

This Summer I saw Corina's FAITH grow.

She stepped way out of her comfort zone several times on the vacations we took, and she did some really scary things.

She was able to get her patriarchal blessing - which was so beautiful, surprising, and touching.
She was changed by that experience.

I got to go to our church's girl's camp for one day (to help with the dinner, but I was really there to see my girls!).

Corina has never been willing to bear her testimony around the campfire at girl's camp - it is frightening for her to do that.
I was shocked when she started to share her feelings (and I'm so very grateful I got to be there to hear it!!).

She expressed how scary it was for her to bear her testimony, but that this time she wasn't afraid because she had prayed and asked God to help her.

Corina has some hard things to deal with this year (very hard classes, an extremely busy schedule, and her best friend transferred to another school), and for a little while she really struggled with how to deal with these things.

She was reminded of her experiences this Summer, and I saw my strong girl step forward with FAITH.

She is going to have a GREAT YEAR!!!

My FAITH makes my life happy, full and complete.
My FAITH helps me through hard times.
My FAITH gives me confidence.
My FAITH makes me who I am.

I can't think of a better gift a parent can share with her children!

good things:
getting enough sleep
a relaxing weekend


Jamie said...

This is so sweet Angela. Thank you so much for sharing. :) I lovey our parenting helps me so much!

Heidi said...

How inspiring! This is so true. I love your list of the many things you wish to teach your children.