Monday, September 24, 2012

more stuff

I forgot to blog about these a couple weeks ago, and since Dave hasn't downloaded the pictures from his phone (I really need a camera - really!)........ I guess now is the time to do it!

1- I got to go to lunch with my friends.

I exercise with these lovely ladies (or at least I did for a long time - the paper route is really cramping my style lately).

Since Vanessa decided to move away we had a going-away-luncheon at Chilies.

It was totally fun to be with them....... but I was the only shmuck with kids, and that kind of ruined it.
Lea was kind of rotten, and Landon was just tired.
Maybe I should have hired a babysitter.

2- Tanner is loving Marching Band.

He and the other trombone players are buds!

We went to watch them perform at half-time at the football game a couple weeks ago.

It was SOOOO FUN!!

We were very impressed - they are awesome!

They had their first competition in Logan yesterday and got 3RD PLACE!!!

Tanner is right in the middle of the picture looking back - I know it's such a great picture!

3- Homecoming

The asking and answering is a big part of the fun --

Corina had already gone to bed when someone dropped something on our porch for her with instructions to break it.

She dropped it on our porch and it exploded into a million pieces.

The note inside said "Now that we've broken the ice, will you go to homecoming with me?"

 Her answer:

One of Akayla's dates (she went to Century's homecoming, and next week she and Corina are also going to New Plymouth's homecoming) - the one from New Plymouth - sent a puzzle in the mail for her to put together.

Notice 2 pieces missing - the U and I

says "Well, it looks like all you need is for "U" and "I" to go to Homecoming together!
Want to be my beautiful date?"

We didn't take pictures of her answer, or of the other boy who asked her here - oh well!

We had a little trouble finding dresses, and the girls even had to miss a few classes in order to do some of the shopping (poor them) - but we found the perfect dresses that were even ON SALE!

Pictures of homecoming soon to come!

good things:
funny people
fuzzy socks
direct answers to prayer

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