Monday, September 17, 2012


Landon is now a walking, climbing little terror!!

He's not even 1 and he thinks he needs to be a little man already.

It's hilarious to see such a short little guy strolling through the house!!

The other day I walked into my room and Landon was sitting on my computer keyboard.  

He climbed on the chair, then the desk, then got right onto the computer and pushed lots of keys.

I'm just waiting for him to climb onto the top of our fridge at 18 months like Adriana did!

We're in for it with this guy - he is the busiest of all my kids!

 This is cantaloupe - from our own garden!!

I'm so glad Lea didn't eat the entire rind - she really likes cantaloupe!

Our garden has been awesome this year - thanks to Dave's handy garden covers (using a picture from the website we got the idea from since I don't have a picture of our own garden - ours look exactly like this!).

I love having fresh veggies and fruit that we grew ourselves!!

image from here

good things:
a new week
no more throwing up
exciting things happening this week

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