Wednesday, October 17, 2012

starting 'em early

I was gone somewhere and Dave was setting up a movie downstairs.

He heard banging on the drums and figured it was Tanner until he noticed Tanner was downstairs too.

When he peeked into Tanner's room this is what he saw.

This kid goes into Tanner's room several times a day and grabs drumsticks.

Then he walks around the house and bangs everything with them.

He also thinks it's really funny to unplug things or turn things off.

He does it as quick as he can then runs away laughing - knowing what he did was going to make someone get upset!

Cracks me up that kid!

good things:
heart-to-heart talks
learning more about myself
being an influence for good


James Hoopes said...

Abraham did this for a while also, in particular with the TV as he could way too easily unplug and run!

Erin was saying that it would be so fun to move to Pocatello and live close to your Nine kids, I thought we would finally be able to not be the talk of the town with the amount of kids we have.

Richard James said...

Wow. Very lovely little one...

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