Friday, October 26, 2012


This is what 37 looks like at my house...... and I'm blessed!

Of course it's missing a few people - especially the one behind the camera.

This picture doesn't show the tears that were shed earlier in the day, the heartache even a mom sometimes feels, the hugs and kisses from my babies, the sweet cards and gifts, how loved I felt when my oldest 3 girls took me shopping for a new outfit, the balloons all around the kitchen, the delicious dinner my hubby made, or the amazing apple crisp we had for dessert.

I'm ok with getting older...... as long as my family keeps taking such good care of me!

good things:
hot tea to soothe my sore throat
the brightness outside because of a blanket of snow
a morning to myself


Annie and Family said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

Annie and Family said...
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