Saturday, October 27, 2012


This is about as crazy as we get on "CRAZY HAIR DAY".

I've probably created a monster with my girls and their hair..... since they were little I have always made it a priority to make their hair pretty every day.

You can read more about my thoughts on that here - (a post I wrote back in 2008 before I had Lea and Landon).

They are very used to people - strangers or not - commenting on how perfect their hair is.

So now the monster part - my girls are prissy.
If their hair gets messed up they cry.
They nag me on busy Saturdays to get their hair done before they will do their chores.
If I have to go out of town they cry - and not because they will miss me - because I won't be able to do their hair.

It is kind of ridiculous.

I think it may be too late to fix this problem -

but at least their hair looks nice.

good things:
Akayla rocked the ACT
money problems always work themselves out
leftovers for lunch

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Me said...

I had a friend growing up. Her mom always used to talk about how her mom (my friend's grandmother) did her hair everyday for her whole life--until one day (at about 17), her grandmother just handed her the brush and said "here you go". She had never taught her how to do her own hair, and she had no older siblings with which to learn how to do hair from. To this day, my friend's mom admits she still has no real idea how to do hair (my friend never learned from her mom really--and her mom has always had a hard time with her hair). So hopefully your oldest daughters have taken over doing their hair---cause sounds like the younger ones need to learn how to do their own (at least when you can't do it). :)

Mary P.