Monday, October 29, 2012


We have never had the pleasure of having cousins live close to us - until now.

Dave's brother Jim lives about 4 minutes from here and has 2 adorable little boys.

Jacob & Lea have kind of a love/hate relationship.

When they were younger Jacob would follow Lea around and push her, pinch her, tackle her..... but then Lea got big enough to fight back.

Now they play really well together - but they also get into a lot of mischief!

We got to babysit the boys this weekend while Jim & Amber went to Vegas (jealous, but they deserved a weekend away!), and boy, if we didn't watch carefully these 2 made some big messes!

We discovered them in the bathroom (when they were supposed to be watching a movie with the other kids - apparently no-one noticed they were gone!) finger painting with Akayla's makeup.

Yep, all over the bathroom walls.

They dropped a little glass bottle in the bathtub that shattered, so Jacob ended up getting a cut on his foot.

That kind of ended their fun for the day.

I'm kind of scared for the day when Landon & Alex start to join in on all the "fun"!!

good things:
hot chocolate
crock pots

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Annie and Family said...

Ha! That's when "the more the merrier" doesn't always mean "merrier."