Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Apparently one of the best parts of being a dad...... is teasing your children.

Especially the ones that are really easy to tease (like Akayla).

He thinks it is so funny to try and mess up her hair - or roll down all the windows so her hair is all over her face.  Rude.

I hear stories all the time about how Dave tortured his sisters.

-stuffing them in the closet, (_____), and then closing the door really fast
-tickling them until they about wet their pants
-making "pillow sandwiches" with them in the middle (Beth swears she is now claustrophobic because of him!)
-playing some "flush the toilet" game with them ????
-calling them obnoxious names (dirt bagation..... seriously?!!)

I'm sure there's more - that's just all I can think of.

Well, I guess some people never completely grow up because he still enjoys making his kids crazy!

What a fun (annoying) daddy!!

good things:
going for a drive
back scratches
watching Arsenic & Old Lace with my sweetie

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Annie and Family said...

BA-HA! Akayla, I have now seen you with messy hair. I feel complete. Thanks Dave.