Monday, November 5, 2012


One thing I've been learning over the years is that just because other people have talents or good things happen for them - it does not diminish my self worth at all!!

Sometimes when I'm having a discouraging day or week and I forget - I have lots of reminders everywhere!

My all-time favorite quote:

I wish this was my house - but that kind of defeats the point of the quote!
 It's just a picture I saved a long time ago for my future home!!
And another good one I found:

It makes me happy when I can appreciate the talents so many of my friends have-

I love my artistic, athletic, smart, funny, thoughtful, and even my thin & beautiful friends.

I also love my friends with beautiful voices, sewing/knitting/embroidering skills, a hand for decorating, and talents in teaching & expressing themselves.

And though I often wish for some of the talents of my friends-   I also love my musical, creative, and fun self!

I have to admit that lately I've been in quite a slump.
I have just not felt happy, and I feel very negative towards others (not typical for me).
(complaining coming up......)

I have been feeling like my life is really hard -
it's overwhelming enough to be a mother of 9 children,
but because of financial difficulties I am also a working mother of 9 children.

I'm jealous of friends who get to just be a mom.
While they spend their afternoons making cute crafts, baking cookies or healthy snacks, or working on school projects with their kids - I have to prepare for my 25 students and their many needs.

And as much as I enjoy teaching, and I really enjoy most of my students, and I'm so grateful to have a way to earn extra money...... I'd much rather be upstairs with my own kids meeting their many needs.

Believe me, I'm very aware of the hardships others are facing - but that doesn't diminish the trials I have to deal with either.

I talked to a good friend of mine who had some really helpful ideas for me - but since expressing myself is NOT one of my talents, and it is one of hers - I will put a link to her blog here in case anyone is interested in the ideas.

I recently re-watched a talk from conference that put things in perspective again for me.

Maybe if you watch it you will get a different feeling or be inspired in different ways - that's what's so great about things that come from the spirit...... they touch our hearts the way we need to be touched!

I'm pleased to say that today I feel so happy!
My heart is full of joy and I feel like I can face my day with a smile on my face!

good things:

digging out of the pit
enjoying the moment
finding happiness


Jamie said...

You are such a wonderful person Angela! Such an example and a pillar and a hero to me! Love ya!

Jeron & Brook said...

I wish you could know just what a strength you are to me even now! Thank you for always giving me someone to look up to!