Wednesday, November 7, 2012

haunted house

Akayla, Corina & Tanner invited a few common friends to go to Grand Stands of Terror in Blackfoot (about 25 minutes away).  

They were messing around with the camera a bit before they left.

They got there at about 8:00 p.m. and bought their tickets.

When they saw the lines they asked how long the wait to get in was and were told about 2 hours.


A couple of them had to be home by 10:30.

They were also told the tickets were nonrefundable.

They stood around trying to sell their tickets for about an hour..... in the cold.

They had mentioned to several people (as they were trying to sell their tickets) that the wait was really long, so some customers walked away.

I guess the ticket guy decided it wasn't good business to have teenagers driving away their customers so he gave them their money back.

Kind of a bummer night!

All was not lost though - Jamba Juice was still open so a few of them had a little fun and a treat!

What a bunch of cuckoos!  Oh how we need a bigger house to fit all our kids and their friends!!!!


Akayla & her friend Ethan - it cracks me up how much taller he is than her - she is 5'2" and he is 6'5".  

good things:
saving $
casting my vote
huge tasty apples

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Annie and Family said...

Ha! Funny night. I am laughing at Akayla's height difference. The first picture (with her being taller) that was me... So go with it kid... its better your way :)