Friday, November 9, 2012

heart attack

I'm usually the last one to finally hop into bed every night.

There are just always so many little details to take care of, and I have a really hard time letting them go until the morning.

One thing I hate worse than anything is waking up to a messy house.

It kind of sets up my whole day to be lousy!

The last thing I do is check on my kids..... make sure they're comfortable and warm.

A couple nights ago when I went to check - Lea wasn't in her bed.

Every once in awhile she has gone downstairs if my door was closed and gotten into bed with Annalisa.

She wasn't in there either.

Dave and I both started scouring the house - even looked in the garage.

Terrible thoughts start rushing through your head when things like that happen and your heart beats so fast!

Thankfully Dave thought to look under her bed, and there she was!

No pajama bottoms or blanket.

I wonder what she was doing under there before she fell asleep!

I should mention just for journaling purposes that Lea was fully potty trained after the first week - more like the first 2 days- even at night.

She has woken up wet only a couple of times, so we have her wear plastic pants (you know the ancient ones for cloth diapers).

I love waiting until my kids are a little older to potty train them because it's so easy!

My stubborn little Lea is such a big girl now!!

I love only having to change one baby in diapers!

good things:
my minky quilt
hot chocolate for breakfast
big snow boots


Annie and Family said...

Sheesh! I hate moments like that. Scares you so bad and all the panicky thought that flood your mind. Glad you found her before calling the police. :)

Jamie said...

I will get you some tutorials for the tutus. They are super super easy! (I'm not much of a sewer!!!)