Thursday, November 15, 2012

so grateful

before the hair cut

I thought I'd just mention how grateful I am for my little boy.

He makes me smile..... all day long.

His hair was starting to get a little funky and long - kinda like a little girl.
So we chopped it off and gave him such a cute little boy hair cut again.

I'm seeing less and less baby in him.
So I'm thinking I need to take a trip and go visit my brother's new (as in only 1 day old) baby boy.
So excited to have a nephew!

I'm grateful today for my dishwasher, warm cookies, balloons, soft music, slobbery kisses, 2 minutes (exactly) with my hubby on a busy day, my fluffy pillow, quilts, a package from my mom, new shoes, Lea's smile, vanilla candles, sunshine, hot showers, sweet lotion, toenails polished, pine sol, pajamas, daydreams, giggling, romantic movies, new babies, weekends, and cinnamon rolls.

Hoping for a lovely weekend!!

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