Monday, November 19, 2012


Been a little busier than usual around here.

Akayla & Corina have been rehearsing and performing at the Forgotten Carols.

It's always a great experience, and we all love being there.  

Seeing them play, and enjoying a sweet holiday performance is the best way to start the holiday season!

Annalisa has the best Activity Days Leaders.  

Last weekend the girls made dinner for their parents.
We all got to sit and chat while the girls served us.
It was so cute and lots of fun!

We all got the stomach flu recently - so much throwing up.

Mr. Landon boy got it the worst along with Akayla.

So glad it's all done!

Co-Ed fell on the night of the last Forgotten Carols performance.

Akayla & Corina decided to group date with 2 girls who were singing in the choir, and they brought their dates to the performance.

They had dinner at our house, which was breakfast - bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, crepes, and juice.

After the performance Akayla and her date met some friends at the dance, but the other 3 decided just to go to Rachel's house, play games, and have dessert.

Everyone had a great time - they are all GREAT kids!!

Rachel & Britton

Corina & Nathan

Akayla & Ethan

Tannessa & Jarom

the whole group - love these kids!
Tanner & Akayla had a band/Century singers performance.

We haven't even started the holiday performance season yet...... lots of those to come!

Tanner, Akayla, Ethan & Ethan's brother

I know it seems like there are lots of pictures of Akayla & Ethan lately..... they are not dating, just friends.

They have a lot of fun together, and it's pretty great when you find someone with similar interests & standards that you can also laugh a lot with.

Annalisa, Mariah, & Elora are home for Thanksgiving break this week!

We have lots of fun things planned!

good things:
Christmas music
Thanksgiving menus
ice water

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