Tuesday, November 27, 2012

just thankful

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving break.
Lots of family time and resting up from the stressful week of finals.
We even had friends of Akayla and Corina's (Cade & Axl) come stay for the weekend.
We really like those 2 boys!!

I love to follow many of the traditions on Thanksgiving day that I grew up with.

Instead of lunch we have a vegetable tray, a cheeseball with crackers, and (at Dave's request) a tray with meat and cheese (yuck!).

We cook all day - everyone has an assignment, and then eat our feast (as my kids have always called it) early.  

The plan is to eat pie a couple hours later, but we are usually too stuffed and eat the pie the next day!

The past few years we have made my mom's delicious cranberry raspberry jam in the morning - even though she makes it at Christmas time.  

I just think cranberry is the perfect addition to our Thanksgiving meal and it tastes so delicious on fresh, hot, homemade crescent rolls!

Amber (SIL) came over to make jam with us this year.  
We made about 12 batches and my freezer is stocked full!
It may last a couple months - I hope!


So many reasons to be thankful, but mostly I'm thankful for a beautiful life.

**Thankful for health, strength, daily food, and everything I've ever needed.
**Thankful for the best husband and kids that make my life happy and complete every day.
**Thankful for my knowledge of God and my Savior, and knowing that this life isn't the end of my family.
**Thankful for music and the chance I have to share my talents every day doing something I love.
**Thankful for people in my life that change me and love me for who I am.

good things:
cranberry apple juice
kind strangers
happy people

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