Thursday, November 29, 2012


Landon is a big climber.

He is constantly found on the table, counter, on top of the piano or on the bunk beds.

It scares us a lot - though he has never fallen or gotten hurt very badly.......

.....until now.

He was climbing on the piano bench and it tipped over landing on his big toe.

It was bleeding a lot and seemed to be a very deep cut so we brought him in to urgent care.

After cleaning his toe the doctor decided he would need stitches (so glad it wasn't broken).

The shot was the worst part, but after that Landon boy fell asleep and slept soundly through the rest, including the ripping off of his toe nail.

He had to wear a cute little cast to keep his toe protected from his own grabbing hands for a few days.

Now he just has a little wrapping around his toe.

One good thing about this - he will now keep his socks on!!


good things:
our amazing healing bodies
Christmas shopping
learning about an interesting part of history

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