Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 year end report

The Ferrara Family

David (41)
  *official taxi driver   *back issues = no basketball for many months   *less-stress church responsibilities and no more Master’s J   *has enjoyed playing trombone duets with Tanner but would love to play more!

Angela (37)  
*busy mom – teenagers down to babies in one household (but she wouldn’t have it any other way!)   *bustling music studio (25 students)   *no more PTO!  *organist at church   *master chef   *seeking time for herself

Akayla (17)  

*senior year– college & scholarship applications in (BYU-I)   *All-American clogging   *violin in youth symphony   *century singers     *college classes   *11 music students   *ward choir accompanist   
*laurel president & stake youth committee   *lots of dates & friends

Corina (16)   

*drivers license   *old enough to date – gone on several great dates!   *principal cellist ISC youth symphony   *AP classes & so much homework (we think she secretly likes it!)    *maintains 4.2 gpa    
*not enough time to read or play the piano   

Tanner (14)  

*stake dances   *broken hand   *trip to Arizona to visit best friend   *freshman in high school - straight A's   *paper route   *marching band -- trombone   *minecraft   *saving for a  laptop   

Adriana (12)

*Young Women & Girl’s Camp   *Hope of America Award   *glasses   *loves drama & choir   *makeup & jewelry   *paper route   *perfect grades   *babysits often   *viola & piano lessons   *solo in choir concert   

Annalisa (10)  

*enjoying piano lessons with Akayla   *friend magnet   *boy crazy   *One Direction & Justin Bieber’s  greatest fan   *bouncy trouncy & full of fun   *competitive gymnastic team  
 *loves babies & animals more than anything

Mariah (8)  

*chose to be baptized this year   *Activity Days   *devouring Harry Potter books   *loves science & music   *cello lessons with Corina   *excels in piano   *Jr. All-American clogging   *several best friends at school

Elora (5)  

*kindergarten   *loves sounding out and writing new words   *dying to start piano lessons   *loves/hates school   *loves dress-ups, dancing, & singing   *drama queen   *naughty & nice   *daddy's little shadow

Leandra (2 3/4) 

*potty trained in a day (give or take)   *mischievous big sister   *smiley & excited   *LOVES everything and tells everyone   *barely makes it through nursery (if dad is in there with her)   *loves to perform   *almost 3!!

Landon (1 year)  

*started walking at 10 months   *climbs like a monkey   *getting hurt is a common occurrence   *smiley & jolly   *adores big brother & sisters   *always thinks we’re laughing at him


California – Disneyland, California Adventure, 
Hollywood studios, San Diego Zoo, & Sea World

Illinois – Ferrara family reunion, Chicago, & Nauvoo

Bear Lake Johnson family reunion

Dave & Ang celebrate 18 years of wedded bliss by…….

…..visiting the Rexburg LDS temple and going to see “Wicked” in Salt Lake.


1 broken hand + 2 bulging discs + multiple chiropractic visits + 1 pair of glasses + 1 removed toenail + 1 wart removed +      1 kid in braces + 10 dental appointments  =  ALL of our flex spend account (plus some!)  And a partridge in a pear tree!

Our favorite favorite video and song about the Savior's love for ALL of God's children!!
Please watch...... I cry every time I watch it!


good things:
amazing friends and family
the Christmas season
serving others
remembering our Savior
Christmas lights
hot chocolate with peppermint
eating by candlelight & twinkling lights

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ChrisKatieKelly said...

Hi there! I found your blog through another blog- Raising Lemons I think it was? I have read a few of your posts, and I think you and your family are just wonderful. I didn't know where else to post this, so forgive me if it doesn't fall under your Christmas card post! I am curious about how you manage things in your home. Paperwork, clutter, just keeping things organized. Also, how on earth do you pay $350 a month for groceries for a family of 11???? If you have a moment, I would love some tips. You seem like a lady who has really got it together. :)