Tuesday, December 25, 2012

proof is in the phone.....

I didn't do much blogging throughout December.
It was a crazy busy (but fun) month!

These are a few of the many activities we participated in this past month..... 

Polar Express Church Party:

(I was in charge of the program so we made a fake train and had a "train engineer" read the story to the kids.
We also had music and a powerful power point Dave prepared.)

Tanner brought his trains and set them up.  I loved how the boys hovered around those trains the whole time!

Right after the Christmas party Mariah had a Christmas clogging performance, and Annalisa had a gymnastics recital.  
Only one camera - so only one lousy picture!

Mariah is front center
We finally decorated our tree....

The Academy's Christmas Concert:

(Made me cry - like most concerts my kids are involved in!)

Elli sang her little heart out - I love that girl's funny faces!

Can you spot Mariah and Annalisa?
 So excited for Winter Break (3 whole weeks off!!)

Veteran's Home Performance:

(I took my students and my family to play, and it was such a great experience!  I will never forget the sweet lady singing Jingle Bells along with my youngest student.  She was a crack up!!)

Mariah's first performance on the cello!
Akayla played along with her student

My girls play together often 

Dave and Tanner threw together a couple of fun songs to play too - it added a fun touch to the  concert!

Shepherd's Night:

(We even had Uncle Matt come and enjoy it with us!)

Snowy Day!!

good things:

finally getting everything ready for Christmas (the night before)
holiday traditions
serving a friend

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