Monday, January 28, 2013


19 years ago on January 28th a very handsome young man picked me up at my apartment for our first date.

I had a secret crush on him and I was very excited.

We had not formally met - he somehow got my phone number and called me on a whim.

We walked to a cute little restaurant (in Rexburg - January remember?).  It was so cold!

We talked a lot to keep our teeth from chattering.

He ordered a big steak dinner, and I ordered 3 scones.

He was a little shocked that I didn't order more, but believe me - those scones were enough!

Today my older man (getting a little grey around the edges, but still so handsome!) surprised me by making a batch of scones..... FROM SCRATCH!

They were amazing, and one of the sweetest things he could have ever done!

I'm so lucky!

good things:
hearing Mariah read to Lea in their bedroom
sweet memories
huge snowflakes outside the window

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Jamie said...

Those look so delicious! And what a sweet memory!