Friday, February 1, 2013

goings on

Here's a little about each of the kids lately:

*She sets goals every morning and works very hard to accomplish them so she can check mark them at the end of the day

*She is obsessed with having her room clean.  She has been known to make her bed up around sleeping Lea.  

*She sets her clothes up all neatly the night before (including her clogging clothes for the next day).  I think she's adorably organized!

*major mess maker and mischievous monkey

*constantly pushing the table benches up to the counter to get into something

*babbles but doesn't speak many understandable words

*HUGE tease - it's in his blood!

*gets really riled up by Landon - never have had 2 that fight so much

*big helper..... she will put away the dishes without being asked, and she loves to push the bench up to where I'm making dinner and help

*loves going to library storytime, playing with play dough, coloring pictures, reading books, stealing Landon's sippy cups, and watching Dora the Explorer or Go Diego Go

don't let this picture fool you - these 2 fight way more than they get along lately!

*very organized and self disciplined.  I never have to tell her to practice or ask if her homework is done.  She practices viola and piano every day, and she has straight A's

*does her own hair every day and it's so cute!  She is only 12, but she has experimented with lots of different styles and she is really good at it!

*loves her friends and school - she has so many cute friends!

*loves choir, drama, and English the best, and she is a really good writer!

*saved up his money to buy an ipod touch - it's the best one on the market right now, and he loves it!  He's been having all kinds of fun figuring things out.

*maintains his 4.0 gpa and is anxious for some challenging classes next year.

*funny boy loves to tease his mom & sisters

Tanner showing his sisters & cousin Jacob his cool new ipod.  I love that Lea is putting her head on his shoulder - she adores Tanner!
*started  competitive gymnastics team and is LOVING it!  She gets to go to an extra day of practice every week to prepare for her first competition next month.  She's really been progressing and gaining a lot of confidence!

*finally enjoying piano

*works hard to do all of her work every day so she can play with friends on the weekends

*finally loves Kindergarten and has lots of new friends

*reading up a storm and sounding out words all over the place

*also loves piano lessons and asks to practice with me several times a day

*very sweet helper when she gets home from school.  She wants to make her own lunch (and has made some very creative things!)

Dave took the girls to Doughnuts with Dad at school

*accepted into BYU-Idaho (her first choice), and just sent in her violin scholarship video and application --- SO MUCH WORK!!

*wanted to donate blood but the weight requirement is 120 pounds and she isn't quite 100 - we need to fatten her up a bit! (just kidding - I think she's perfect just the way she is!)

*got to sing at a recent event (Potato Pizzazz) with the Century High School Jazz Choir (Dave and I went also and got to dance - loved the music!)

*super busy, but always looking for ways to help me and make my life easier!

Akayla & some of her best friends at Potato Pizzazz!

a little tiny snippet of Akayla's scholarship video (the whole thing is about 20 minutes long):
I just realized the sound is off a little - wish I knew how to fix that.

*playing in Pit Orchestra for Little Women with Dave and Akayla

*still does homework A LOT and maintains a 4.2 gpa.  She has earned several credits for college already though, so it's all worth it!  She's also already started filling out scholarship applications and writing essays - best to be prepared!

*this past year has started building up her book collection.  Her favorite places to search are the DI (book section) and used book stores.  She's only looking for her favorites, and they must be in pristine condition.  She has found some real treasures!

*She has been asked on some really great dates the past couple of weeks.  I think she's feeling more comfortable now which makes me so happy!

Corina isn't very nice about letting us get any pictures of her - so this is from this past summer in Illinois

I'll write another post this weekend about what Dave and I have been up to lately!

good things:
busy productive weeks
freshly brushed teeth - ahhhh!

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Jamie said...

Amazing violin skills Akayla! All your kids are so cute!!!! Thanks for the updates. I love to see how your family is doing. :)