Thursday, March 21, 2013


It's been tough finding time to get blogging done - let alone everything else I need to do lately!

Mostly it's been because Dave, Akayla & Corina played in the pit orchestra for Little Women (more on that later) at Century High School.

It was an awesome experience..... but it was (and always is) hard on everyone the last couple of weeks.

Here's just a few things from my phone that have happened lately:
(I really need to get Dave to download his pictures!!)

Mariah got braces - and boy she needed them!

She got 2 teeth pulled, and she's been pretty sore lately but so happy to be getting straighter teeth soon!

BEFORE BRACES (after will be posted when I take one!)
 Adriana had another eye appointment and had to wear these funny sunglasses all day.

So glad she doesn't need another pair of glasses - we couldn't possibly afford it this year!

Adriana also had a solo & ensemble festival for choir.

She sang a cute song about Christopher Robin saying his prayers.

She was the only one in the school to get 100% on her score sheet, and the teacher was very proud of her.  She even announced it to every single class of the day!

Mariah had her first clogging competition of the year and did an AWESOME job!

She ended up with all 1st place, and even won a SUPERSTAR award and an all-around award.

We left early (it was already like 10:30 p.m.) so we weren't at the awards show when they announced her special award.  Darn-it!!

We managed to sneak away to Wal-Mart one day, and Akayla and Corina really liked this huge snowman....until it started following them around!

good things:
one more day until spring break
heading off to Utah for a few days
when the kids are all in bed at night and the house is quiet

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