Wednesday, April 3, 2013


There are a few things I've hoped to do since Dave and I were first married --

1. Get a motor home and take our family traveling around the U.S. (done!).

2.  Take my kids to New York when they graduate - eat at fun New York-ish places, see the Statue of Liberty, walk where our ancestors first stepped when they came to America, and see a real Broadway play.

3.  Get a really nice camera, take some photography classes, and learn how to use Photoshop.

Well, it took us many years to save up for that motor home, and I'm SOOOOO glad we stuck with it.
We had to go without new cars, fancy furniture, and expensive clothes........ but it has been worth it.

Dave and I planned to take Akayla and Corina to New York this summer..... until we discovered I was pregnant.  That trip is on the back burner for now.  Maybe before Akayla goes on her mission we can try again!

The last thing on my list - a really nice camera - is something I've been saving for.  I take a little from piano lesson money every month and set it aside.  

But as much as I want a new camera, I found something more important to spend that money on....for now.

Akayla has been playing the violin since she was 5.  
She is very talented, and has a great love for playing music.

The violin she has been playing on is a really good violin, but it is only a 3/4 size - she's a small person, but she really needed a full size instrument.

Because she was going to be applying (and playing) for music scholarships soon, and had decided to major in music in college we decided it was time to find a better violin for her.

Dave and I took her to a luthier (a person who repairs and builds string instruments) and let her play several violins.

She fell in love with a lovely instrument.
It fits perfectly in her arms, and sings out just for her.

Almost $7,000 later Akayla has a beautiful violin that has been such a joy for her to play on.

And it makes me so happy to hear her play.

Life is full of sacrifices, but sometimes those sacrifices turn out to be blessings that you didn't expect.

I may someday get my camera, and I may choose to put something more important in place before it.

Either way, I'm satisfied and feeling so blessed!

good things:
getting out of the house
Costco samples
experimenting with new things


Annie and Family said...

W-O-W! That is a beautiful instrument! Isn't it funny what we think is important and later in life discover, "Hmm, I guess that wasn't what I needed after all." Sorry you have to wait for your camera... but You are an amazing family and we hope we grow up to be even a little bit like you! (Or I'd even take grand kids that were half Ferrara. Ha ha)

Erin Johnson said...

Ang, you do NOT need a nice camera to take fantastic photos. Next time you're at my house I will prove it to you. I have a lot of my pictures printed, some were taken with nice camera, others with point and shoots...guess what? No one else can tell. It's all about having a good eye & basic photography knowledge. Another example, The girl who took our family photos had a really nice camera.... Bring whatever camera you've got to the family reunion & I will help you become a better photographer. I had no idea you wanted to learn or I would have shown you some stuff earlier! :)

Wonders said...

I've never met you, but occasionally I do get on here and read your family's happenings. I am always amazed at how well you all live life to the absolute fullest. I have been trying so hard to get my priorities straight in my life, and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate having someone to look up to in that regard. I love that I feel the Spirit when I read your blog, and I can feel through your words your absolute intense love for your family. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. FYI, Eric and I live in Philadelphia in a rather large home we are renovating. NYC is only 1.5 hours away. SO, if you do want to come out we have a guest bedroom with a Q bed, another spare room that can accommodate a K blow-up mattress, and a very comfy sectional sofa that sleeps 2 adults. All would be at your disposal and you would be very welcome in our house of three little girls. :) You could come and go as you please, we understand there is lots to see and do around here, and we are happy to be a place to crash for you. My email is if you are ever interested. Congrats on the pregnancy as well, how wonderful. I only wish my body could have all the children that are in my dreams. :) Anyway, thanks for sharing your beautiful family. Carolyn Wixom