Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Women

Dave, Akayla & Corina were able to play in the pit orchestra for Century High School's performance of the musical LITTLE WOMEN.

Never knew there was a musical of Little Women- but now we love it!
We are going to get the soundtrack as soon as possible - the music is so beautiful!

So much time and work, but they loved it and are sad it's over.
Corina was the only cellist, and Akayla was the only 1st violin - which meant they had to really play out and be right on the whole time.

They all did such a beautiful job.
The orchestra is always behind the scenes and people don't realize how much work they do.

Several times during the play I was moved to tears (what else is new), and it wasn't just because of the beautiful story.

I loved hearing my family play the beautiful music so much!

texting during rehearsal!

I brought Anna and Mariah to see the show the first night -
they LOVED it!
Then I brought Tanner and Adri the last night -
and even Tanner enjoyed it!
good things:
learning to love new things
exciting plans

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