Wednesday, April 24, 2013

silliness, visitors, and some mush

Dave went on a daddy daughter date with Adriana for mutual......

He was pretty proud of this pony tail he put in her hair!

She refuses to let him do her hair for school in the morning (but he loves to tease her that he's going to one of these days)

Dave's little brother Matt graduated from BYU Idaho, so we had his parents and Jen come to visit for the weekend.

We filled up the entire weekend with fun (and of course delicious food!)

Grandpa played with the kids the whole weekend.
Even the big kids had to take a ride with him in our "bus"!

Lea and Jacob have way too much fun together.
(Meaning they get into a lot of mischief!)

Not sure why this picture is in here - one of the kids must have taken it.

But I love this guy.

I love every line on his face - especially the ones around his eyes and dimples where he smiles.
I love the way he looks at me, and I love the way he talks to me.
I love the way he holds my hand.
I love the way he always scratches my back at night.
I love that he tries to do so much to make my life easier.
I know it's so mushy, but I am still so in love with him.
I'm just so lucky!

good things:
my great kids
having an extra half an hour
coming up with a decent meal even with nothing in cupboards or fridge

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