Friday, April 26, 2013


Two big pieces of news for our family:

Our offer on the short-sale house was accepted ($50,000 less than it's worth - such a huge blessing for us!), and we will be moving in June!!


It's an older home that will need some tender loving care, but Dave is really good at that - and the house is really great!

Some of our favorites about the new house:

*4700 square feet - lots of living space

*5 bathrooms (just what we need with 7 girls!)

*a big walk-in pantry

*a huge cold storage room downstairs

*fenced yard

*outdoor basketball court

*several mature fruit trees, lots of raspberry bushes, and a large garden area

*a huge living/family room that will easily fit 4 couches and a baby grand piano!

*a separate music room with a door!

*jetted tub and 2 huge walk-in closets in the master bedroom

It will be great for our family, but there are obviously things we will miss about living here even though it's only 4 miles down the road.

We will miss our church family here that we love so much.  We will miss our beautiful view.  We will miss our great deck.  We will miss the speakers in every room (though we can just put them in the new house ourselves).  We will miss some of our wonderful neighbors and good friends.

The other news is that we are having another BOY!

I was positive I was having a girl.

I mean we have 7 girls and 2 boys, so it seemed like the chances of having another boy so quickly would be very slim.

I actually wanted to have a girl, but I'm so excited to have another boy too!

It's all a little overwhelming - when I think about next year having 3 children ages 3 and under (and 2 of them mischievous little boys), I wonder how I'll survive.  I am a lot older than I was when I had my first 3.  I will have 3 at home all day long for 2 years.  I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful helpers in the afternoons or I think I would go crazy!

I should mention that though I struggled with the thought of being pregnant at first - I am so happy to be having another baby.  The whole family is ecstatic at the thought of another little brother, and we feel so blessed!

It probably helps that I'm no longer sick and completely exhausted.
I feel great, and I love feeling a baby inside of me!

good things:
I still have baby boy things
date night


Jamie said...

Angela, I am incredibly happy for you and your family for this wonderful new adventure! I can't wait to see pictures of your new house! That is so so exciting! It will be so fun for Landon to have a little brother, don't you think? Easton and Tate have always been such pals (even though they fight a lot too! ;) Miss you!

Marley Family said...

Okay I love love love that your having another boy! Landon will have a brother close to his age to play with. And now you'll have an even # number of kids so no one gets left out. I'm happy you guys are getting a bigger house. I know which one your talking about and it will be perfect for your family! Plus you'll get to stay in our stake! :D Congrats on all the exciting news!

Annie and Family said...

That's so exciting I don't even know what to say... um, two huge WOW'S!!!! Hooray for another little brother. (I love having little boys) and holy cow on the house thing!

Nathan and Shanna said...
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Melissa said...

I found your blog via another blog and am happy I did! :)
Congratulations on both of your new adventures! So exciting when another page of your life's story begins to be written! :)

This is Us! said...

Wow, so many happy updates! The house seems like a dream for you...and I'm excited for you all. The house your selling seems like the perfect house for ME...too bad we don't live/work anywhere near you!! Seriously though, congrats...on everything!