Thursday, May 2, 2013


This is ridiculously late - happened a month ago - but I still wanted to post pictures of my cute girls and their MORP dates.

Akayla and Justin - yes that's a beard on his face.  Apparently he's been so busy with Rugby, school, and everything else he didn't have time to shave!  Silly boy!

Corina and Tanner (and the chaperone photo bomber in the back haha)
Because MORP fell on the evening of the priesthood session of conference the girls put together their own dance the night before.

They played games, ate yummy treats, had dance lessons, made pizza bombs, and danced a bunch.

I'm so glad they have such great and creative friends!

good things:
happy smiles
new carpet smell
true friends


Nathan and Shanna said...

What beautiful ladies you've got there Ang.

Erika said...

Oh, she took a Borgholthaus! YAY! Yeah, those B. boys look way grown up when they have facial hair, I made my hubby shave his :).