Tuesday, May 7, 2013

the PROM post

The past weekend was a little crazy - 

Akayla took a shuttle to New Plymouth on Thursday to be there when Cade Stafford opened his mission call.
We moved from New Plymouth when she was 10, but she has kept some very close friendships over the years with several of the kids there.

She and Cade have been talking/visiting//texting/calling each other since she turned 16.  
(She has had a secret crush on him since they were 9 though.)
They are best friends that are also crazy about each other, and my prediction is that they will get married in a few years.
We will see.

Cade is going to the New York, New York mission and entering the MTC June 26th.
We love him like a son and are so proud of him!
It will be really hard for Akayla when Cade leaves, but they both have some growing to do!

Cade brought Corina's friend Axl.
The 2 of them have come to visit a few times, and it's always fun to have them here.
They're both great young men.

Corina & Axl, Akayla & Cade

The group went to a park in the mid-morning and ate crepes and hash browns, and then went bowling.
Then they spent the rest of the day helping me prepare for a birthday party.
The boys have come here enough that they're part of the family and I order them around just like one of my kids.

Then they got all fancy and went to Olive Garden for dinner.
They went to the dance for a bit and had pictures taken, but there was too much dirty dancing going on so they came home a little early.

So fun to dress up!

good things:
kids that make good decisions
dressing up
young romance


Nathan and Shanna said...

How fun! Glad to know that there are teens out there with values that are HIGH!

Erika said...

It would be so neat if they did get married. Those Staffords are awesome people! 2 years is a long time and people change, so as you say ...we shall see. Your girls are beautiful! corina looks stunning in blue!

frateslm said...

WHAT FUN!! I wondered why Cade was out of town Sunday when the family was beaming with mission call news. Beautiful couples!