Monday, April 15, 2013


We took Akayla to BYU-Idaho to check out the campus.

She's been there before, and decided a long time ago that she wanted to go there for college more than anywhere else, even though they couldn't give her the best scholarship.

Walking around that campus there's a special feeling, and that's why she wants to be there.

It's a great place, and there are great people there.

We took a tour of the apartment she will be living in, and we met up with Matt (Dave's little bro) while we ate lunch.

Matt was very happy to take us around, and he was even more happy that he only had a couple more classes and a final to take before he graduated from BYU-Idaho.

It would have been great if he could be there when Akayla comes - to fight off all the annoying return missionaries who may want to chase her!  But it's good that he gets to move on to the next step too!!

Things have changed a lot since Dave and I went to school there.

But it's still one of the greatest places in the world!!

good things:
walking through the place Dave and I first met
making exciting plans with Akayla
finding a great apartment so close to the music building

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