Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Race to the finish....

after the final choir performance - Kiwi Loco with friends

We've found that May is even busier than December, and we're hanging on by our fingertips around here!

With a million different choir/band/symphony performances, picnics, award dinners, clogging competitions, drama rehearsals & final performances, searching for jobs, football & drivers ed sign-ups, my own students music festivals & recitals, AP tests, finals, and graduation plans........

Then you add in the fact that we're trying to move and sell a house (I think the showings are going to kill me)..... yeah, it's a little nuts!

We close on the new house next week, and then we have a couple weeks to clean, paint, and slowly move our stuff over.  At least that's the plan.

Akayla's last day is Tuesday.
I'm not really ready to face this yet.
It's weird and hard.
She got her cap and gown a few days ago, and she's so excited.....
but my stomach lurches when I see them.

At the final choir concert her friends (that aren't seniors) were surrounding her and hugging her.
She was crying, and as I watched it in my seat I was balling.
It's just hard to believe it's here already.

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