Monday, May 20, 2013

Lagoon/Clogging Nationals/Trills & Thrills

Every year the clogging national competition is at Lagoon (Utah).

This year Akayla & Corina's choir decided to go to a Trills & Thrills festival and Lagoon ON THE SAME DAY!

So our kids earned the money to pay for their own ticket and Dave's (this pregnant mama was not riding any rides this year), and we took the motor home and stayed in the campground for a couple nights.

It was perfect because whenever the little kids were tired, or we got hungry - we ran back to the motor home!

I asked for 2 hours to myself for Mother's Day, and that's how I got it.....
Dave took the littles around Lagoon while I watched a movie and put my feet up in the motor home.

It was very pleasant!

After my movie I took the littles off of Dave's hands and he got to play with the big kids.
Poor Landon didn't enjoy very many of the rides, but Lea was CRAZY about them!

We had a great day!
Oh, and Mariah got 5 1st places and 1 2nd place!
And Akayla and Corina's choir got all superiors!

Hooray for us!

One of the big hits was the fountains in the middle of the park...
(I think Mariah's teacher will cringe if she sees her in her costume.  Oops!  She changed right after!)

Anna & Landon
Elli & Lea

Lea in the orange boat, and Elli & Landon in the purple boat

one of Akayla & Corina's friends did this collage - they had to wear their purple choir shirts all day!!

Adriana got to go to Lagoon 2 weekends in a row because the middle school's Trills & Thrills Festival was a week later

good things:
the movie The Impossible - wow
maybe some good news - wait and see
kids that work hard to earn their own money

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Nathan and Shanna said...

This makes me miss clogging so bad. But not bad enough to start teaching again. ;) Maybe someday but not now.