Friday, May 24, 2013

Seminary Graduation

Akayla has had the interesting/awesome experience of attending Released Time Seminary (religion classes away from the school) for the past 4 years with her dad as one of the teachers.

It was a little difficult for her to deal with her freshman year.  Mostly because some kids were bent on getting her in trouble.  You wouldn't believe the stories they told her dad.  Luckily he didn't believe them, and she came through stronger than before.

Seminary was her favorite class in high school, and the one chance during the day to walk away from the world and feel the spirit.

Akayla & "Brother Ferrara"

with one of her best friends, Tannessa
She was asked to accompany the congregational hymns on the piano at graduation, and also to play the special musical number.

She played a beautiful violin arrangement of "My Heavenly Father Loves Me".
She shared her feelings before she started about the base of her testimony being that she knows Heavenly Father knows and loves her.

It was so beautiful and I cried the entire time - which was bad because I was accompanying her!

My girls is all grown up!

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Heidi said...

Thanks so much for helping with this! Jared was so glad that you played the music as the diplomas were handed out... said it sounded beautiful. He also commented on how inspiring Akalya's testimony was and said "whatever they're doing in their home 9mornong scriptures, prayers, etc. its working. I'd love to have all of our kids have that kind of spiritual depth."

Heidi said...

Oops. Look at those typos! I guess that's what happens when your trying to type w/ one hand, balance a 1 yr old in the other & appease a nagging toddler at the same time.