Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My mind is all muddled, and it's really hard to remember all the details of the past couple of weeks because we've been moving.

We closed on our new house last Friday (May 31st) and spent the entire next day scrubbing and cleaning everything.  We came back Monday to finish the job and shampooed all the carpets really well.

We had no water so we had to bring it in ourselves.

Tuesday we spent packing up the old house (and I taught music lessons for 6 hours in between the packing).

Wednesday and Thursday we painted ALL day.
We only fully painted a few rooms, but we also painted our cupboards.
We were here at the house for 2 nights in a row until 3 in the morning.

So exhausting!

Everything looks amazing now!

Friday was the big moving day.

We got all the most important things moved over, but it has been an overwhelming task to finish the job.
We also had our new appliances delivered on Friday.

Thank heavens for sweet friends - bringing pizza over and helping us feel so loved.
We also had friends come help paint and clean - we're so blessed!

Last time we moved the church moved us.
We didn't have to box anything up or even unload the boxes.
We did unpack, but we didn't have as much back then!

This time since we were only moving 4 miles we just used 2 trailers and took at least 20 trips back and forth.
We didn't box up a lot of stuff, but instead we used laundry baskets to haul things over.

I don't know if it was better or worse that way.

In the end the garage and storage room were the biggest nightmares!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent moving the rest of our stuff, unpacking, and cleaning the old house.

Poor Dave had to deal with some really bad leaks and issues in the new house that took days to figure out.

We didn't have a sink or dishwasher in the kitchen for several days, and we just got our washer and dryer hooked up yesterday.

Kinda felt like we were camping!

But we're here now, and so happy.

It will take awhile to get things back to normal, and there is A LOT of organizing to do.
We have so much more room - everyone is able to really spread out now!

I think the worst part is over!!

I will post pictures as soon as I take them!

good things:
new appliances
getting things organized
my pantry


Annie and Family said...

Oh Ang, I feel your pain! I totally think that kind of moving is the worst! Good luck!!!!

Tamara J said...

Congrats on your new spacious house! :)